Text Tips For Block Font Frames
 All text is centered unless you specify otherwise.

Check your spelling carefully before submitting your order. We will engrave the text exactly as you have entered it.

The "Block Font" style frames are only available with the text in the block font. If you would like a different font, you will need to choose our "Laser engraved" license plate frame.

Although 30 characters/spaces will fit on both inserts, LESS IS BETTER. Especially on the smaller space. The fewer letters there are, the bigger we can make the text.

All CAPITAL letters works well with the block font and we are able to make the letters bigger if they are all capital.

Our policy is, if they can't say it on TV, we won't engrave it on a frame. So please don't enter anything vulgar or obscene. We WON'T engrave it.