Options for mounting Engraved Signs and Nameplates
 Double Stick Tape
If you choose this option, we apply tape to back of signs and you simply remove paper covering and stick to almost any clean, wax free surface. Tape is rated heavy duty and for indoor/outdoor use. Makes semi-permanent mounting. May peel off paint or wood finish if removed.

Holes Drilled
If you would like to mount signs with screws, indicate Holes For Screws on order form and we will drill holes in signs so that signs can be applied with screws. Due to different length of screws needed for different applications, screws NOT included. Use screw that is slightly smaller diameter than hole, to allow for slight contraction and expansion of sign (especially outdoors). Signs are easy to drill and if you are unsure of hole placement indicate "None" on sign mounting section of order form and drill holes on job sight.

Metal Holders
Sign sizes with an item number that starts with "DR" ( example - Item # DR28) or available with metal sign holders. Sold separately, metal holders are attached to wall (with included screws or double stick tape) and signs slide in and out in channeled groove. NOT all signs are available with metal holders. If using metal holders for your signs indicate "None" on sign mounting section of order form.